Anaerobic digestion plants and waste treatment

Waste to energy

We have over 20 years of experience in providing services along the entire biogas process chain, from waste recovery to biogas generation, gas processing and digestate treatment, by using our own technology. Our extensive experience of operating large-scale plants has enabled us to adopt an industrial, proprietary approach to systematically eradicate emissions.


1.6 billion
tonnes of food waste can be reprocessed worldwide each year
1000 TWh
of electricity can be produced from it worldwide each year


We work exclusively with proprietary technology. This starts with the recovery of the organic fraction from waste using our Bio Scraper, which is integrated into the process chain and is a highly effective means of separating organic matter from impurities. The biotechnological separation of hydrolysis and methane fermentation increases the efficiency of anaerobic digestion. This makes the construction of the plant less expensive. As the only technology provider with this level of experience, we can guarantee the highest possible biogas yield. Our industrial systems differ significantly from agricultural approaches and incorporate the results of years of research and development. Large-scale plants are operated under scientific supervision, and new developments are immediately incorporated when implementing new facilities. This means that our systems offer extremely high feedstock flexibility. Nitrogen tolerance is 50% higher than conventional designs.


your benefits

  • Increased efficiency due to separation of hydrolysis and methane fermentation
  • Lower-cost construction and reduced space requirements
  • High sustainability – zero emissions possible
  • High stability, simple and cost-effective maintenance
  • Thanks to industrial biotechnology very high substrate flexibility
  • 50% higher nitrogen tolerance – meaning facilities are better suited to processing chicken manure
  • Process control system and automation enables effective system monitoring
  • Construction of steel fermenters with stainless steel roofing that meet the highest industrial standards