Worldwide biogas projects

Our biogas projects with innovative plants and technology are in operation worldwide.

These projects run at over 90% availability using an extremely wide range of feedstocks, like OFMSW, food waste, and agricultural residues.

Project Overview

Durham, Canada

PLANT: Turnkey Anaerobic Biogas Plant for SSO (source separated organics)

PROJECT: Engineering contract for municipal biogas project. Botres is part of a consortium of Canadian environmental tech companies. Start date: 2021, finalization: 2022

Nowra, Australia

PROJECT: Turnkey Anaerobic Biogas Plant for SSO (source separated organics) and cow manure

KEY FIGURES: 35.000 t/a of food waste, 100.000 t/a of cow manure; approx. 2,2 MW electricty

PROJECT: Joint Venture with Innovating Energy Australia, in progress

Marianki, Poland

PLANT: Biogas plant for chicken manure from nearby farms

KEY FIGURES: up to 15.000 tonnes per year, 750 kW electricity

PROJECT: BOO project, finalization of construction: 2023

Stocking, Austria

PLANT: Biogas plant for agricultural residues

KEY FIGURES: 500 kW electricity, conversion into biomethane production planned

PROJECT: Botres is majority shareholder (70%) of the plant, currently mainly fed with agricultural residues. Plant will be adjusted with Botres technology in order to process multi-feedstocks in the future.


Ibiza, Spain

PLANT: Turnkey industrial biogas plant for OFMSW and sewage sludge

KEY FIGURES: 900 Nm³ biogas; 2 MW electricity; 250 t/d of input material

PROJECT: EPC project, 2 separate treatment lines, construction start: 2019, commissioning: 2021

Izmir, Turkey

PLANT: Turnkey industrial biogas plant with high hydraulic flow for cattle and chicken manure

KEY FIGURES: 1.050 Nm³ biogas/h; 2,1 MW electricity; up to 600 t/d of manure

PROJECT: EPC project, construction start: May 2019, commissioning: Q1 2020


Ankara, Turkey

PLANT: Turnkey industrial biogas plant with high hydraulic flow

KEY FIGURES: 2,1 MW electricity; up to 600 t/d cattle slurry

PROJECT: EPC project, construction start: February 2018, commissioning: October 2018



Marl, Germany

PLANT:  Residue biorefinery

KEY FIGURES: 2.5 MW electricity; approx. 75,000 t/y; 100% food waste

PROJECT: Client’s best performing plant; personel reference plant of the Botres Global Management Team

Este, Italy


PLANT: Residue biorefinery with waste recovery, biogas plant for biomethane upgrading and CO2 recovery, digestate treatment for fertiliser and composting

KEY FIGURES: 500,000 t/y organic waste with an annual biogas output of around 40,000,000 Nm3

PROJECT: Largest organic waste recovery plant in Europe


Seoul, South Korea

PLANT: Underground plant for a residue biorefinery with organic waste recovery and digestate processing

KEY FIGURES: 2.5 MW electricity; 75,000 t/y organic and food waste

PROJECT: Engineering and environmental impact assessment completed