Biogas for a sustainable society


Stefan Kromus and Markus Grasmug have more than 20 years of experience in the biogas and biorefinery sector. As a highly effective team, they have worked together for over 10 years, with a track record that includes projects in Europe, the USA and Asia. Botres biorefineries have opened up a new source of nutrients, healthy food and bioenergy, allowing the company to promote the sustainable development of the global population.

Our Vision

We want our biorefineries to be a source of sustainable bioenergy and nutrition, enabling the sustainable development of societies worldwide.

Our Mission

To establish an entirely new, sustainable bioproducts industry based on organic residues and chloroplast biomass.


Stefan Kromus, CEO

With more than 20 years in the industry, Stefan Kromus is one of the most experienced figures in the global biorefinery and green tech sector. Founder of Botres Global, Stefan has a wide range of expertise, covering natural materials, technology for industrial anaerobic digestion plants and bioenergy. As a member of a green biorefinery research consortium, he also develops his own patented technologies. Stefan’s business success has come courtesy of his academic achievements and many years of high level management experience as a CEO focusing on strategy and innovation.

Markus Grasmug, CTO

In addition to his expertise in environmental biotechnology, Markus Grasmug worked for Italy’s biggest waste management company for many years. His responsibilities have included the construction and management of operational processes such as composting, biogas generation, wastewater treatment and setting up laboratories, as well as team building initiatives. In recent years, Markus has also gained substantial know-how in international plant engineering projects as a CTO. He has an impressive academic record and can already look back on a successful career in business.

Research and technological development

Patent for a green biorefinery

EU FP7 “Bisigodos” research project for producing amino acids from algae

Technology provision, Engineering and operation of a pilot-plant “green biorefinery”

Successful business development

Establishment of green-tech companies

Successful development of companies

Share-deal with listed companies

Establishment of Botres Global

Branches in Italy and Austria

Development of biogas and biorefinery segments

Design/Engineering of an underground facility in South Korea

Development from an engineering services provider to an international technology and system supplier

Design and build International anaerobic digestion and biorefinery plants

Providing turnkey technological solutions

Rapid growth

Large international projects completed

Project development for own facilities