How Polish investors increase their profitability on biogas technology

Polish companies investing in biogas technology face several severe challenges. The profitability of many biogas plants can go up considerably if working with the right partner.

Botres Global is an independent, internationally operating environmental technology company and offers investors smart solutions. If you want to invest in biogas in Poland please have a closer look at our unique advantages:

The problem: High percentage of usage of energy crops rather than wastes!
Our solution: Up to 400.000 EUR savings per year! (based on 1 MWel plant). Botres Global enables you to use 100% organic waste and residues.

The problem: Unreliable technology!
Our solution: Even without energy crops (silage) we guarantee a stable process and reliable availability. You want to change the substrate? No problem any time – risk free. NO chemicals needed. NO silage for stabilization needed.

The problem: Low gas and electricity yield!
Our solution: We guarantee gas yield based on real life lab analysis, not on theoretical values. 8000 h/a should be your minimum expectation.

The problem: High maintenance costs and high operating expenses due to energy consumption, services, cleaning of the tanks, personnel work-load!
Our solution: Lowest life-cycle costs in the market; industrial standard at reasonable price; fermenter is practically maintenance free for 15 years.

The problem: Usage of difficult substrates (chicken manure)!
Our solution: Botres biogas plants use a unique technology with 50% more tolerance respecting nitrogen and sulphur content than agricultural biogas technologies – Our demo plant for 100% chicken manure will go on line in Poland very soon! The first and only worldwide!

Botres Global designs, builds and operates modern bio refineries worldwide that produce clean energy, clean water, high-quality fertilizer and protein-rich feed and food from organic waste. All with zero emissions.

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