“Did you know that…?” Part 2

In the course of the new blog category „Did you know that…?” we would like to talk about Botres Global itself and its technology. What makes Botres Global special and distinguishes it from competitors? In the run of their professional experience, Markus Grasmug and Stefan Kromus were able to create a unique proprietary technology. Botres’ approach differs extremely from the existing agricultural biogas plants. The shareholders of Botres Global have already started 20 years ago to bring biogas technology to a new level. This development resulted in a “zero emission” approach. Besides the classical energy from biogas, fertilizer and clean water can be produced. The technology offers references for organic waste (OFMSW ), slaughterhouse waste and other organic residues with very high nitrogen content. It can be used for 100% chicken manure too. Being able to use 100% chicken manure as feedstock is unique since most other biogas plants cannot handle the high nitrogen content. Botres Global follows a “multi-feedstock” approach; all Botres plants are built in such a way that no silage is needed and a huge variety of substrates can be used without problems (residues/waste). What is more, Botres Global is able to offer the technology for the whole process chain and therefore is not dependent upon other technological providers. Various reference plants show the outstanding performance of such residue biorefineries. References operate in countries like Turkey, Poland and Italy. All plants run with a system availability of more than 92 percent. But Botres Global does not only offer the technology but also acts as project developer and supports projects right from the beginning in order to enable a smooth process. #biogas #organicwaste #Botres #technology