How to guarantee stability in the Anaerobic Digestion process?

Many biogas plants built in the past are either out of operation, or low in performance. Millions of Nm³ of valuable biogas is missing each year due to poor process technologies and operation.

The quality of a biogas plant and the amount of profit it generates, depends on many factors, of which the most important is the stability of the operation process. Botres technology guarantees a stable process without any downtime due to sedimentation, foaming or other factors that standard agricultural plants are usually facing.

Our plants are operated on a multi-feedstock basis, meaning that almost any kind of organic waste can be processed at the same time. No silage or other expensive feedstock is needed to achieve process stability.

The process technology of Botres Global guarantees customers the highest possible biogas yield with a minimum operation of 8000 hours per year, which is measured based on actual operation analysis, not on theoretical values, keeping expenditures low and profitability high

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