Growing rubbish piles

Waste is not just trash

Growing cities around the globe also mean growing mountains of waste. Especially in industrialized countries a substantial part of the waste is organic waste and food leftovers. In cities you can’t simply throw it on the compost heap behind the house. In many cities organic waste is not or insufficiently separated from other waste. Mostly everything is burned in incinerators or dumped on landfills.

Waste separation leads to better recyclability

The separation of organic and residual waste creates several advantages. Firstly, the amount of residual waste is significantly reduced and, secondly, organic waste and food leftovers provide an excellent substrate for clean biogas. Botres biorefineries not only produce environmentally friendly biogas but completely recycle the resulting fermentation residue into clean water, high-quality fertilizer and quality feed proteins. One of our largest plants is currently operating in Northern Italy, processing 400 000 tons of organic waste per year to produce biogas. Since its construction in 2005 the plant is constantly expanding because of its great economic success.