Who is behind Botres Global?

Designing and building biogas plants that meet our customers’ needs is our passion at Botres Global

It is this passion that has already led Botres Global to numerous ground-breaking successes. We are very proud to count some of the world’s largest waste management and infrastructure companies among our customers. While growing the EPC business considerably, we are ready for the next step: building and operating our own plants. This will result in significant synergies and advantages for our customers, whom we consider to be long-term partners.

Company foundation

Botres Global was founded in 2012 by Stefan Kromus and Markus Grasmug. Collectively, they have more than 20 years of experience in the biogas sector. Both have acquired their expertise not only from an academic perspective but also by literally shuffling waste and handling daily operation. Even today, they occasionally enjoy working on-site, ensuring a link to waste management practices and operations.

Name origin

But why did they choose the name Botres Global for their company?

Have you ever heard of Botres, the son of Eumelus, in Greek mythology? Botres passed away and was reborn as a bird, leaving behind the old and starting a new and colourful life.

This Greek mythology stands for transformation, which inspired our company’s vision. Sometimes, it is necessary to say goodbye to old habits and to empower change.

In the middle of climate crisis, we are supporting the transition from fossil energy to renewable green sources, such as biogas. Change should not be seen as a threat, but as an opportunity, leading us towards a sustainable future.

At Botres Global, we follow this path by implementing sustainable projects and supporting our customers in their journey towards a greener future.

International team

Over the past few years, Botres Global has experienced significant growth. Our motivated team currently operates globally from our main office in Austria and our branches in Italy, Spain, and Poland.

As a global company, diversity is of utmost importance to us, and we are proud that people from various parts of the world have joined our company.

Global projects

Thanks to our international team, we not only execute projects worldwide but also directly address our customer’s needs, regardless of their location. One of our team members is, for example, currently based in Australia, working on-site on one of our ongoing projects. Despite having different workplaces, we regularly meet and exchange ideas at our headquarters near Graz, Austria.

In recent years, we have successfully designed and built biogas plants in several European countries, Turkey, and Australia, establishing partnerships with companies from around the world, including Canada.

Today, we have a substantial pipeline with many projects at various stages of development across Europe. Our extensive experience and expertise gained from working in different countries worldwide enable us to meet the unique requirements of our customers and deliver tailor-made projects.

While each project is distinctive, our commitment to employing our proprietary technology remains constant.

Together, we strive for the same vision – producing clean energy from organic residues for the sustainable development of our growing population.