Amino acids – the foundation of life

Healthy proteins

Proteins are amongst the most important components of a healthy diet. They are composed, depending on their type, of different amino acids. The human body can’t produce some of them on it’s own but must receive them through food. Various amino acids assume very different functions in the body. Their tasks vary from maintaining the human immune system to essential processes such as oxygen transport in the blood.


With the conscious intake of amino acids in form of certain foods, dietary supplements or drugs a variety of purposes can be followed. Allergies, problems with obesity, age related problems or muscle and skin issues especially during menopause are just some examples of conditions that can be treated with amino acids. The global demand for organically produced amino acids is growing.

Biological production of amino acids

Our green biorefineries produce a Bio-A-Fraction from an organic alfalfa silage. The Bio-A-Fraction is a nutrient-rich raw material that serves as the basis for high quality organic yeast production but also essential, purely biological amino acids can be produced from it. The Bio-A-Fraction is also readily available and is able to quickly satisfy the rapidly growing demand for the best organic yeast and high quality amino acids.