Any kind of feedstock can be treated!

Any kind of feedstock can be treated!

In Botres Global we know that flexibility is superior. All our plants are designed as multi feedstock facilities.

Botres’ technologies are also characterized by unrivalled flexibility in terms of the substrates used, which in practice translates into the ability to flexibly change the feedstock used without having a negative effect on the stability of the fermentation process.

Almost any type of organic waste and residues, such as OFMSW-fines, SSO (brown bin waste), packaged food waste, slaughterhouse waste, chicken litter, …  can be processed.

And with such a large selection of substrates, there is no need for additional investment in e.g., silage, to ensure process stability. In this way, domestic entrepreneurs can not only save money but also run their businesses as a perfect example of circular economy model.

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