5th anniversary, a success story in biobased industry

When Dr. Stefan Kromus and Dr. Markus Grasmug first met in 1999 in relation with a Biorefinery R&D project, they already had a quite impressive record in the biobased industry, an industry still in its infancy back then. Back then Stefan was PhD student at Graz University of Technology and Markus was leader of a  biogas group at IFA Tulln (Life Science University, Vienna).
Both have gained their wide range of expertise and profound knowledge in the field of technology for industrial anaerobic digestion plants, and environmental biotechnology by spending uncountable hours with research and development of a special industrial biogas approach, a technology which has been developed from scratch and is still being implemented by Botres Global today –  loaded with 20 years of vast experience.

Between 2003 and 2007, the first milestone has been set, when this mature proprietary technology was first implemented into a Biogas Plant in Italy, called S.E.S.A. with a capacity of 3 MWel.
Today, S.E.S.A. is the largest Biogas Plant in the world, processing 400.000 tons of waste per year and producing 12 MW electricity, still relying on the same biogas technology, originally developed.
After working together as shareholders and general managers in a subsidiary of a multi-national publicly listed corporation for almost 5 years, and successful sell-off, Stefan and Markus finally founded their own company in 2012: Botres Global.

Once established, Botres Global has permanently developed and improved biogas and biorefinery technologies, but never turned away from their original approach.
Over the past 5 years, Botres Global made a successful development from an engineering services provider to an international technology and system supplier.
Besides having designed an underground anaerobic plant for food waste in South Korea, and provided turnkey organic waste plants for Turkey based Hexagon Waste Management – one of the leading waste management and fertilizer companies in Turkey, Botres Global has spent a lot of time and effort into the development of organic food supplements with another developed and patented technology.

To keep innovation process ongoing, Botres Global works in two biorefinery R&D projects focusing on the production of amino acid products from plant biomass (e.g. substrates for the production of organic yeast) and high-quality fermentation products from residues (e.g. algae as substitute for fish meal).
Within the next 5 successful years to come, Botres Global currently expands its strategy from plant provider to plant operator, relying on their own developed technologies, established in plants worldwide, which currently treat over 1,3 million tons of organic waste and generate up to 350 GWh of electricity annually.

We biorefine for sustainable development of growing global population.