The green biorefinery

Our plants manufacture high-quality Bio-A-Fraction at a low cost using a special process. Bio-A-Fraction is a protein and nutrient concentrate produced from alfalfa silage (a type of clover). Bio-A-Fraction can be readily integrated into existing yeast production processes, making it easier for producers to switch to making organic yeast. In co-operation with our partner


65 %
market share of Bio-A-Fraktion in organic yeast production
120 million
Euro expected market for organic yeast by 2020
10,000 ha
organic alfalfa sown as a catch crop to improve soil
biorefineries in operation by 2020


A special process is applied to create a protein and nutrient concentrate – called Bio-A-Fraction – for organic yeast production. The concentrate is made using organic alfalfa, and delivers the highest quality organic yeast at the lowest price. Competing products are significantly more expensive and only available in low quantities. They do not produce organic yeast of satisfactory quality, or they require major investment in process and product adaptation by yeast manufacturers or bakers. The biorefinery also produces lactic acid, amino acids and bio-energy in form of biogas.


your benefits


  • No additional investment costs for manufacturers when switching to organic yeast production
  • Bio-A-Fraction can be produced quickly and in unlimited supply
  • High-quality, high-strength yeast without unpleasant colour or odour
  • Low raw material costs
  • Rapid supply to the global market
  • Built-in sustainability thanks to energy generated as a by-product
  • Low-cost production of amino acids
  • Allergies and GMO free